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Trenchless Romania Conference & Exhibition- 5th Edition, 20th October Bucharest-Romania

Trenchless Romania Conference & Exhibition- 5th Edition, 20th October Bucharest-Romania

Trenchless Romania Conference & Exhibition is the main event in the region, focusing on trenchless tehnologies. Already at the 5th Edition, Trenchless Romania Conference & Exhibition took place on the 20th of October in Bucharest, Romania.

After one year of pause caused by the global pandemic situation, this year the event succeeded to bring together manufacturers and distributors of equipment and technologies dedicated to the no-dig sector for horizontal guided drilling (hdd), pipejacking, pipe bursting, microtunnelling, pipe rehabilitation (CIPP) and other trenchless technologies that are ideal solutions for installing underground utilities in urban areas with heavy traffic. The event hosted also Trenchless Romania AWARDS, the special moment for awarding the most relevant projects that have used no-dig technologies in the region.

Trenchless Romania Conference & Exhibition 2021 was supported by the German Society for Trenchless Technology (GSTT) and Austrian Association for Trenchless Technology (AATT). Together with them partners of the event were also AHK (Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce), ARACO (Romanian Construction Contractors Association), PSC (Construction Companies Association), and Petroleum Club Romania.

In the official opening of the event we had the honor to have Jari Kaukonen – Chairman of ISTT (International Association for Trenchless Technology). This Covid-19 pandemia period caused a closing of the world. ISTT had no international shows since 2019. The contracting over the borders was difficult and I could not see the development in the field during those hard days. Now I can see the world opening again and this trenchless Romania show is one good example of that. I am very sure we will have a most successful trenchless week in Helsinki next autumn when we have the next international No Dig show. I hope that this will be a new beginning of the use of trenchless methods when understanding all the benefits of the methods.” said Jari Kaukonen – Chairman of ISTT (International Association for Trenchless Technology).

Also opening words were presented by Jens Hölterhoff – Chairman of GSTT (German Society for Trenchless Technology): “An important part of our work is to initiate conference and exhibitions abroad to provide the global exchange of ideas and experiences in trenchless technologies. We always look to intensify the cooperation with the ISTT and I’m very glad that a new agreement was found, that continues not only the trenchless idea in Romania but also enhaces the idea of ISTT together with us. I enjoy to be in your beautiful city, in Bucharest no-dig technologies are indespensable.”


The winners of Trenchless Romania AWARDS 2021

  • National Project

  • Rehabilitation of the main sewer pipe in Abrud, Alba

  • Blejkan Construct SRL

  • Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation with CIPP-BlueLine method in Arad

  • Diringer & Scheidel Romania


  • Innovation

  • SAERTEX-LINER® H2O, GRP liner for potable water

  • Saertex multiCom


Partners and sponsors of the event: Initiator - Tracto-Techink GmbH&Co.Kg; Platinium Sponsor - Herrenknecht AG; Gold Sponsor – Diringer & Scheidel Romania SRL, Blejkan Construct SRLSilver Sponsors – SAERTEX multiCom GmbH, Dantec SRL, RELINEEUROPE GmbH, Bronze Sponsors – DEFIGO Ltd, BKP Berolina GmbH&Co. KG; Radlinger Primus Line GmbH; Local Sponsor - RomNed Industrial Foundation Echipament SRL/Vermeer Romania; Coffee Break Sponsor- Steinzeug-Keramo N.V.

The 6th Edition of Trenchless Romania Conference & Exhibition will take place on the 14th of June 2022.


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